The Americans United for Separation of Church and State Speakers Bureau is comprised of staff and volunteers dedicated to spreading the word about the importance of church-state separation, and the vital work Americans United does to preserve this liberty. Find out more about our speakers below.

To request a speaker, please send an email to

Speakers have agreed to waive their honoraria for events sponsored by chapters of Americans United. If your group is not an AU chapter, consider co-sponsoring an event with one of our chapters. You can find the list of chapters here.

Phillip Allen

President, Western North Carolina Chapter
AU National Leadership Council Member

Hendersonville, NC
Available throughout US - Expenses Determined By Host

The Rev. Nancy Brink

Director of Church Relations at Chapman University
AU National Leadership Council Member

Orange, CA
Available throughout Western US - Expenses Negotiable

Stephanie Campbell

President, Orange County Chapter 
Vice President, AU Board of Trustees

AU National Leadership Council Member

Costa Mesa, CA
Available throughout US - Travel Expenses Only

David A. Furlow

Board Member, Houston Chapter of Americans United

Houston, TX
Available throughout US - $200 honorarium and travel expenses

Robert Goldstein

President, Rochester NY Chapter of Americans United

Rochester, NY
Available throughout the Upstate New York area

Ronal Madnick

President, Massachusetts Chapter
AU Board of Trustees

AU National Leadership Council Member

Worcester, MA
Available throughout New England - Travel Expenses Only

David Marcus

President, Join Us For Justice - The El Paso Chapter Of AU

El Paso, TX
Available throughout the Southwest (Southern CA, AZ, NM, West TX)

David Pacheco

President, MN Chapter of Americans United

Minneapolis, MN
Available throughout MN - $250 honorarium

Janice Rael

President, Delaware Valley Chapter
Chair, AU National Leadership Council

Cherry Hill, NJ
Available throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area

Jeffrey Selman

President, Atlanta Chapter

Altanta, GA
Available throughout US - Travel & Lodging Expenses Only


Merrill Shapiro

President, Atlantic Coast Chapter of Americans United
Immediate Past President, Americans United National Board of Trustees

Palm Coast, FL
Available throughout FL - Travel Expenses Only

Katherine Stewart

Award-winning journalist, author of The Good News Club
2014 AU Person of the Year

New York City, NY
Available throughout US - Expenses Determined By Host

John Suarez

AU Board of Trustees
AU Education Committee Chair

Newbury Park, CA

Charles Sumner

AU Chapter President in Rochester, NY & Nashville, TN
AU National Leadership Council Member

Nashville, TN
Available throughout US


Toni Van Pelt

Co-founder, president and Congressional lobbyist for the
Institute for Science and Human Values (ISHV)

Chairwoman, AU Speakers Bureau Committee of the National Leadership Council

St Petersburg, FL (Tampa Bay)
Available throughout US - Travel Expenses Only