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Americans United leads the fight against Religious Right groups that seek to tear down the wall of separation between church and state. We counter Religious Right misinformation campaigns, expose their radical agenda and battle their schemes in legislative halls and courtrooms.

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July/August 2015 Church & State

One Nation Under God:

Was The Rise Of The Religious Right A Reaction To The New Deal?

July/August 2015 Church & State

Operation Exclusion?

A Misguided Belief In ‘Christian Nation’ Theology Spurs N.C. County Officials To Exclude Minorities From Public Prayers

July/August 2015 Church & State

Founded On Faith?

As Denominational Ties In The United States Fray, The Religious Right Clings To The Idea That The United States Is An Officially ‘Christian Nation’

June 2015 Church & State

Same-Sex Scare Tactics: No, Churches Won’t Be Forced To Marry Gays

None of the Religious Right’s arguments against marriage equality are particularly strong, but some are much worse than others. Here’s the weakest one: Clergy will be forced to officiate at same-sex weddings. The far right has been shopping this one aro

June 2015 Church & State

An Evangelical's Lament

Scarred By A History Of Racism, Conservative Churches Now Find Themselves Entangled In A Web Of Right-Wing Politics