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The separation of church and state is firmly ingrained in the U.S. Constitution. Key founders such as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and others supported this idea and insisted that only church-state separation could guarantee the freedom of all Americans. Church-state separation is thus not only an historic principle, it's also America's great gift to the world. Under the separation policy, Americans have enjoyed more religious freedom than any other people in history.

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December 2016 Church & State

Pickney's Promise

Two Hundred and Thirty Years Ago, An Obscure Founding Father Put Something Very Important Into The U.S. Constitution

July/August 2016 Church & State

Sooner State Showdown

Oklahoma Voters Set To Decide Fate Of State Constitution's Religious Freedom Clause

May 2016 Church & State

Innocence Abused

How A Reckless Combination Of Church And State Harmed Pennsylvania's Children

April 2016 Church & State

The Wall Banger

Justice Antonin Scalia Spent 30 Years Assailing The Separation Of Church And State

March 2016 Church & State

Shredding The First Amendment?

Religious Right Groups Hope A Dispute Over Recycled Tires In Missouri Will Blow A Hole In The Wall Of Separation Between Church And State

March 2016 Church & State

Debunker Of Lies

Chris Rodda Refutes 'Christian Nation' Pseudo-Historian David Barton In New Book

February 2016 Church & State

A Wall For All

Church-State Separation Protects Everyone, But Non-Religious Americans Have Special Reasons For Supporting It

February 2016 Church & State

Presidential Proclamations

U.S. Chief Executives Have Said Some Wonderful Things About Separation Of Church And State Over The Years. Here Are Ten Great Ones.

February 2016 Church & State

The Last Political Taboo?

The U.S. Constitution Forbids 'Religious Tests' For Public Office, But When It Comes To Non-Believers, Many Voters Have Decided To Impose One Anyway

January 2016 Church & State

Holy Hysteria

A New Look At The Salem Witch Trials

January 2016 Church & State

Happy NOT Together

The Continuing Wisdom Of Separating Church And State

December 2015 Church & State

Bogus Battle

Religious Right Claims Of A ‘War On Christmas’ Are Thinner Than Cheap Wrapping Paper