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Government should treat all of its citizens equally. No American should be made to feel like a second-class citizen on the basis of what he or she believes (or does not believe) about God or religion. When government sponsors prayer, erects religious symbols or includes worship in official activities, it sends a message that some faiths are preferred over others or that faith is preferred over non-faith. Government should be neutral on theological questions and should never send a message like this.

After the Supreme Court Ruling in Town of Greece v. Galloway, we launched Operation Inclusion, our campaign to encourage inclusive ceremonies and meeting invocations at local government meetings.

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April 2015 Church & State

Reasonable Settlement

Thanks To Legal Help From Americans United, A Michigan Town’s Prayer Station Is Getting Some Company

March 2015 Church & State

Symbols and Civil Religion

Courts Have Tended To Uphold ‘Ceremonial’ Uses Of Religion By The Government, But Critics Say It’s Time To Reassess

February 2015 Church & State

Myths Debunked

Religious Right Activists Love To Spread False Information About The Separation Of Church And State. Here Are Ten Rebuttals:

February 2015 Church & State

Venal Vandal

Fla. Tea Partier And 'Catholic Warrior' Attacks Religious Display At State Capitol Building