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Ark. Requires Religious Motto In Public Schools

Public school students in Arkansas who returned to classes last month saw something new: signs reading “In God We Trust” in classrooms and school libraries.

The signs are the result of a new law in Arkansas that mandates that elementary and secondary schools must display a framed picture or poster of “In God We Trust” above an American flag in their libraries and classrooms. 

Anti-Sharia Bills: Another Harmful Consequence of Anti-Muslim Sentiment

During his campaign for office, President Donald J. Trump laced many of his speeches with anti-Muslim rhetoric and vowed to ban Muslim refugees and immigrants. And just a few days into office, he signed an order imposing a Muslim ban.

But there are more harmful consequences that have come from the anti-Muslim sentiment he stoked. We’ve seen an uptick in anti-Muslim hate crimes. And now state legislatures across the country are pushing harmful bills.

Despite AU Protests, Ark. Town Sponsors Evangelistic Prayer Event

An Arkansas town went ahead with a planned “40 Days of Prayer” event in October despite a warning from Americans United.

It was the second year that officials in El Dorado, a city of about 18,500 residents, sponsored the problematic religious campaign. According to the El Dorado News-Times, in 2015 planning meetings for the event were held at city hall, and daily prayer topics were posted to the city and police department Facebook pages.

Hindu Group Requests Ark. Capitol Statue

The Universal Society of Hinduism has failed to persuade the Arkansas secretary of state to permit a statue of a Hindu god, Lord Hanuman, at the state Capitol.

The group’s president, Rajan Zed, filed the request after the state legislature voted to erect a statue of the Ten Commandments on Capitol grounds.

No Hinduism Here!: Ark. Officials Post Ten Commandments But Reject Symbols Of Other Faiths

Legislators in Arkansas voted earlier this year to erect the Ten Commandments at the state capitol in Little Rock. This would seem to be a clear example of government showing favoritism to a religious code. But for now, other faiths shouldn’t assume they’ll get the same treatment.

Awful Award: Religious Right Group To Honor Controversial Ark. Lawmaker For His ‘Courage’

Let’s say you know of a state lawmaker who used taxpayer money to promote religion at a pre-school he owns. Imagine that he also legally adopted two children, then allegedly “re-homed” them with a man who was later accused of abusing one of those children. Would such an individual deserve an award for “courage”? The Religious Right seems to think so.

Dixie Discrimination: Ark. Law Attacking LGBT Protections Goes Into Effect

Three Arkansas counties have refused to drop ordinances that ban anti-gay discrimination, despite a new state law designed to block them from enforcing the laws. The Associated Press (AP) reports that Little Rock, Hot Springs and  Pulaski County are keeping the ordinances; a fourth municipality, Eureka Springs, has not yet reached a decision.

Common Sense In Carolina: N.C. Governor Vetoes Anti-LGBT Legislation

The Tea Party and other far-right groups speak often of their love for the Constitution. But for all their talk about America’s foundational document, many of these zealots understand our laws about as well as an average kindergartner. That is why it’s always a pleasure when a political leader rejects these stilted views.