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Tony Perkins Admits Religious Right Support For Trump Is All About Politics, Not Principle

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (FRC), has just admitted something that has been obvious for quite some time: Right-wing evangelicals have no intention of criticizing President Donald Trump, no matter how low he goes, as long as he keeps delivering for them.

On Religious Freedom Day, Let’s Recommit To Defend That Vital Principle

Today we celebrate Religious Freedom Day. After nearly a year of the Trump-Pence administration’s unwavering attacks on the freedom of religion and belief, some might wonder what there is to celebrate. But today, we can be thankful for the fact that Americans United has been successful in fighting many of the administration’s reckless assaults on this core freedom.

Once Again The President Said Something Outrageous, And Once Again His Religious Right Allies Don’t Seem To Care

Washington Post religion writer Michelle Boorstein has been trying to reach members of President Donald Trump’s evangelical council to see if they have anything to say about his latest crude outburst. So far, it has been crickets. I suspect that’s all Boorstein will get.

Court Orders Government To Respond To FOIA Request For Reports Used To Justify Muslim Ban 3.0

New York, NY – Judge Paul Gardephe of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York today ordered the State Department to respond by Feb. 9 to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for critically important reports about the process that led to the development and creation of Muslim Ban 3.0. The judge ordered the government to produce all materials not subject to any FOIA exemptions and to produce a list and explanation for any documents it withholds.

In 2018, Resolve To Boost Your Defense Of Church-State Separation

We’ve said goodbye to 2017, a year I suspect few of us will miss.

It’s easy to get discouraged in these difficult times. President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, often aided and abetted by their allies in the Religious Right, continue to besiege the church-state wall. But as we look ahead to 2018, I want to remind all of you that there is cause for optimism. Yes, we still face many challenges, and we can’t afford to let our guard down for even a minute. But when it comes to separation of church and state, the picture is not as bleak as some may believe.

It’s Time To Take A Stand: A Misguided President Can’t Trump Our Values

Early last month, I hopped on a plane and took a quick trip to Naples, Fla., to speak to the Americans United chapter there.

During these difficult times, it’s important that people get together to share ideas, strategize and provide moral support. That’s what the event in Naples was designed for.