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Pain Recurrence: Catholic Medical ‘Partnership’ Raises Church-State Questions In Kentucky – Again

More trouble on the religion-and-healthcare front.

Yesterday my colleague Simon Brown told you about a worrisome development in Austin where the University of Texas is planning to train medical school students at a Catholic-run teaching hospital. Some folks are concerned that Catholic doctrinal mandates will interfere with sound medical training.

Now a similarly problematic situation is emerging again in Louisville.

Louisville, KY

AU learned that the University of Louisville Hospital planned to participate in a merger with a Catholic hospital. This would have resulted in a public hospital being subject to religious rules and restrictions on reproductive healthcare followed by Catholic health-care providers. AU wrote to Kentucky’s Governor and Attorney General and warned them that the merger would be unconstitutional. The Governor declined to approve the merger, in part because of the church-state separation concerns AU raised.

Constitutional Emergency: Hospital Merger In Louisville Could Mean Church Control Of Health Care

Should public hospitals have to comply with the doctrinal mandates of the Roman Catholic hierarchy?

Most Americans would say “no” – and a pretty darn emphatic “no!” at that.

But University Hospital in Louisville, Ky., seems headed in that direction. As we reported earlier, the hospital, affiliated with the University of Louisville, is planning to merge with Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare and the St. Joseph Health System in Lexington.